SAEF Forms

To compete in affiliated shows, the rider AND the horse need to be registered with SAEF.
Each horse will also need to apply for a passport from SAEF and get this completed by your veterinary surgeon.
You only need to apply for a SAEF horse passport if you don't already have an existing SANEF passport.

The latest (October 2013) SAEF passport verification procedure is here:  SAEF Passport Circular 102013

Once registered with SAEF each rider then needs to register with EACH discipline association that they wish to compete in.

Frequently Asked Questions on the Restructure

Competitive vs. Entry Level Registration

Please note the following levels regarding both SAEF and the Discipline Registrations

Entry Level Membership Junior and Adult Pony Rider
Jumping: Up to 0.8m
Up to 0.70m
Dressage Prelim Prelim
Showing Novice Novice
Equitation Welcome Welcome
All grades above these levels are classed as COMPETITIVE

SAEF Registration

Recreational/Social Rider Free
Entry Level Rider R100
Competitive Rider R300
Official R20

The BEC Club Registration Number is : EC0002

Rider registration:  SAEF Rider Registration Form
Instructions:  SAEF Rider Registration Process

Horse Registration:  SAEF Horse Registration Form
Instructions:  SAEF Horse Registration Process

Discipline Registration

You must be registered with SAEF and have your SAEF registration number BEFORE registering with a discipline.
The BEC Club Registration Number is : EC0002

Horse Registration
Rider Registration
DSA Horse Registration Form
R30 per horse
DSA Member Registration Form
Entrance Fee Once off Fee R100
All Pony Riders and Juniors Annual Fee R100
Entry Level Adult Annual Fee R100
Full Member Adult Annual Fee R400
Official/ Committee members Annual Fee R100
Non-Participating (Owners) Annual Fee R 20
- not applicable

SAEQA Rider Registration Form

Entry Level
All Pony Riders Annual Fee R50
Juniors and Adults
Annual Fee R100
Temporary Membership
R60 per show
Committee Member Annual Fee R50
Officials Annual Fee R50


BEC has not registered with ESA
BEC has not registered with ESA
SASA Horse Registration Form
R25 per horse

SASA Rider Registration Form
Entry level R50 per annum
Pony Riders R50 per annum
Jnrs & Adults R100 per annum
Owner R100 per annum
Committee Mbers R50 per annum
Officials R0


SASJ Horse Registration Form
R200 per horse

Register online at
SASJ Rider Registration Form
SASJ registration criteria and fee structure

Please note that even if you are only jumping 0.50m - 0.80m at ungraded shows you are still required by SASJ to be registered as an entry level rider. All details can be found in the above document "Registration Criteria and Fee Structure"

Register online at



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